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After Lasek Treatment

Eye Care,LASEK Treatment in New York, NY

Travel Plans? Pack Lighter After LASEK

Looking to get away and escape the urban bustle of New York City? Nowadays, you can find fantastic flight fares to almost everywhere in the world, especially if you travel light and limit your luggage. But this can be tricky for anyone who wears contact lenses or needs multiple pairs of prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses. There are disinfectant solutions, saline rinses, cases, backup pairs of glasses, and replacement contacts to pack. There’s no way you can fit all of that in your carry-on bag. Of course, there’s also the key issue of who wants to bother with eyewear at the beach, or on the slopes, or when you’re on any type of cozy retreat?

LASEK is the perfect solution for seeing clearly and living up your vacation! After LASEK laser eye surgery in our NYC clinic, you’ll never worry about toting eyewear and vision care supplies again. LASEK also eliminates any worries about misplacing or damaging your eyewear.

Get Ready for Action with LASEK

If your travel plans include extreme sports or any type of physical activity, you’ll love the way LASEK gives sharp vision – including a wide peripheral view of all that’s around you – with no bulky frames on your face or dry, irritating contacts in your eyes. Many types of sports are near impossible to play well with eyewear, such as diving, swimming, and running in a windy climate. LASEK will give you a winning edge on your sports performance and enjoyment level.Eye Care in New York, NY

LASEK Lets You Show Your Face

Not everyone is thrilled with how they look in their glasses, and not everyone is committed to caring for contact lenses as an alternative. After LASEK by our New York City eye doctor, you will be able to present your natural appearance confidently and easily to the world, with nothing blocking your beauty. You never know who you’ll meet on vacation or even at a work conference – be prepared to show off your look!


LASEK, which stands for “laser assisted sub-epithelial keratectomy,” is a non-cutting and non-invasive method of performing laser eye surgery. How does it work? Our highly qualified NYC eye surgeon, Dr. Chynn, will use an alcohol solution to gently move the surface layer of your eye’s cells to the side before reshaping your exposed cornea with a laser. Afterwards, Dr. Chynn will reposition the cells back and in place and insert a temporary, healing contact lens. In contrast to LASIK, this procedure does not involve any cutting!

Why is the non-cutting part of LASEK so important? Because it means that no flap is incised into your cornea, like LASIK does. And in general, approximately 90% of all major complications from LASIK result from cutting and reattaching this flap. LASEK thereby has none of these possible complications, which makes LASEK about 10x safer than LASIK. Also, since there is no cutting, the nerves that control your tearing reflex are left intact during LASEK. LASEK therefore minimizes your risk of dry eyes after the surgery, which is a common side effect of LASIK.

Make LASEK the First Stop on Your Travel Itinerary

You work hard, and we know you can’t wait to leave NYC for your well-deserved vacation. But to make the most of your travels, schedule a consultation with our friendly and experienced eye surgeon, Dr. Chynn, before you book your tickets!

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