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Referral Benefits

Take advantage of America’s best and most unique referral program.

If you know anyone who could benefit from the miracle of 100% Non-Invasive LASEK, do them and yourself a a favor by following the simple guidelines to take advantage of the amazing referral offers highlighted below.

The only way to refer is to email the interested party and cc and

Please also provide the interested person’s contact number in the email too so we can reach out directly to them.

By following this, you allow the interested party direct access to Dr. Chynn, inventor of LASEK while at Harvard, through email BEFORE your consultation so he can address your primary questions and concerns. NO OTHER LASER VISION CENTER in the country allows this type of access to your surgeon before you even have a consultation.

Once the person you refer comes in for their Free Consultation, we give you $50 to spend on Groupon/Living Social on whatever you would like. Some of the amazing offers people have taken advantage of include: dinner, drinks, Broadway Shows and even Helicopter Rides.


groupon g 100×100 100×100If the referred party decides to get their Non-Invasive LASEK, you get an additional $150 to spend on Groupon/Living Social as you please. All we ask is you tag us on social media to let the world know about this unique referral program.

Our Social Media sites are:

Twitter: @ParkAvenueLASEKliving 100×100 100×100
Facebook: @ParkAvenueLASEK
Instagram: @ParkAvenueLASEK


For all you ladies out there who would like to help a friend/family member/colleague out by freeing them from the burden of glasses or contacts and beautify yourself at the same, we have the offer just for you!

When anyone you refer gets their 100% Non-Invasive LASEK, we offer the choice of the following amazing cosmetic products as a thank you:

  • Latisse, the perfect solution for anyone who wishes their eyelashes could be that much more voluptuous. Latisse makes your lashes; darker, lusher, thicker, fuller and longer for that smoldering look!
  • Botox, the perfect way to get rid of those fine wrinkles and the treatment of choice for celebrities who want make themselves even more beautiful.
  • Juvederm, which makes your lips full, juicy and will truly make you stand out from the crowd. It is also used for your cheeks to raise them and give perfect definition. Go from the “girl next door” look to the “model on runway look” in a matter of minutes with no pain whatsoever.
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