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A friendly nature.

My LASEK was done in 2013 , I had been wearing glasses since the age of 6. At the age of 47 giving bifocals for a year and having daily headaches, I took the step to have LASEK I first went to the largest medical institution that I work for had endless evaluations with different outcomes of Yes then No then Maybe – I said I wouldn’t trust you to do much I finally did my research and found Dr. Chynn and how much corrective LASEK surgery he did! I went in for an evaluation he described in detail why I was a good candidate for LASEK and figured out that the last doctor I saw had a new topography machine that wasn’t calibrated correctly.

He took the time to review my results. The office is run like a well oiled machine with a friendly nature. If you have any issue post surgery they tell you to come ASAP and them make the time. I have recommended many friends to Dr. Chynn I was spending about 4-5k a year on glasses I haven’t even needed reading glasses since.

- Mark M.

No other laser vision correction surgeon in New York….

No other laser vision correction surgeon in New York....

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Unsure whether you're a good candidate because of a lot of astigmatism? Large pupils? Dry eyes? Maybe you were rejected by LASIK surgeons due to a “thin cornea” or high prescription.

Take advantage of this incredible opportunity to find out if LASEK is an option for you from Dr. Chynn, our famous, cornea fellowship-trained, Columbia & Harvard graduate who’s in MENSA & was the 1st eye surgeon in NY, NJ, CT & PA to get LASIK, & has performed 1,000 PRKs, 5,000 LASIKs, 10,000 LASEKs, and 5,000 epiLASEKs

But please be considerate. Dr. Chynn gets paid $1,000/hour as a consultant for expert networks & expert witness, so please limit yourself to your most pressing question or concern, as he’s doing this for free on a trial basis to help interested patients.

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No other laser vision correction surgeon in New York….

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Dr. Chynn graduated from Dartmouth + Columbia + Harvard + Emory + NYU and has been featured on CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, Discovery Channel & in the NY Times & Wall St. Journal

He's performed 1,000 PRKs, 5,000 LASIKs, 15,000 LASEKs - more than any surgeon in the US

He got LASIK in his right eye & LASEK in his left eye, so is UNIQUELY qualified to tell you the +/-'s of BOTH procedures – from BOTH a Surgeon's & Patient's point-of-view!


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