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Andrew L.

I had a great experience with Dr. Chynn at Park Avenue Lasek although I understand other people’s reviews. Some people might be turned off by Dr. Chynn’s personality and how he interacts with staff, but the guy is clearly brilliant as evidenced by his impressive resume (Dartmouth, Harvard, Columbia, Emory, NYU). He is a bit of a perfectionist and is always on his staff 24/7 correcting any mistakes they might make to ensure that you have a perfect visual outcome.

For Dr. Chynn optimal outcomes are the most important thing, which is how it should be. For example, he came up with the ingenious idea of creating an SMS or WhatsApp group for all patients, where his entire staff and himself are in the group with the patient and any caregivers. That way, if you have any questions in your postop recovery period all you have to do is text the group, get the answer from his staff, and he can monitor the answers and add more detail if necessary (as happened with me). It’s much easier to communicate via text in this day and age than have to constantly call the doctor’s office. As a healthcare professional I recognize and appreciate the many protocols and systems that Dr. Chynn has spent extraordinary time putting into place to ensure optimal outcomes.

I chose Park Ave Lasek based on recommendations from coworkers and friends who had gotten Lasek done through Dr. Chynn and they had nothing but good things to say. Note that the vast majority of negative reviews are from people who never proceeded with the surgery, which is like putting up a negative restaurant review when you didn’t like the greeter so never bothered to dine there and sample the food. Ultimately what matters is the long term health of your eyes (you only have two after all and seeing is kind of important) both in regards to vision and lack of side effects. Towards that goal you want the most competent and experienced doctor you can find and Dr. Chynn fits the bill.

- Andrew L

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