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Everything is going well!

I had my LASEK done around 2009 and it was the best money I’ve ever spent. I’m not sure if anyone has changed since I’ve been there but I continue to recommend friends and family to Dr Chynn. I originally came here because I was tired of wearing glasses – I had bad vision and astigmatism. After coming for a consultation, you have to do a couple of more visits which are part of the cost that you pay, at the end of each visit, you’re given a quiz to make sure you know which medications you’ll have to take, how many, how often, and how many days. The day of the surgery, you come in a little early and are given Vicodin to ease your nerves – I didn’t take all of them and Dr Chynn wasn’t happy with the person who gave them to me; he complained that I should have taken them all anyway because I was blinking a lot during surgery. The actual surgery went great and didn’t take long at all – maybe a minute per eye? Before the surgery, he has you look outside of the window. At the end of the surgery, Dr Chynn has you close your eyes, walks you to the window, then has you open your eyes.

The process overall is great. I like that there are a few follow ups to make sure everything is going well. The only thing I wish was different is if someone explained the punctal plugs to me more. Years later, I was at an eye appointment (unrelated to my LASEK) and I was asked about my punctal plug – I didn’t know that I even had one still in so they doctor removed it.

- Kenneth T.

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