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Fernando A.

Park Avenue Lasek is the only place around where you can have a refractive surgery or correction for your eyes without blade. It is a more advanced technique than Lasik.

Dr. Chynn is probably the most experienced refractive surgeon in the US. He completed his BS in Biology from the Dartmouth College and his MD from the Columbia Medical School which is a very hard school to get into and graduated with honors and did his Residency at the most prestigious place in the US for Ophthalmology Residency: Harvard University’s Massachusetts Eye & Ear.

I have heard Dr. Chynn since long but I was rejected by too many doctors because my Astigmatism is so severe so I was afraid that he will reject me. And, at one point I was about to come to him but I went to Dr. Bonanni who accepted me. But, Dr. Bonnani passed away like last year because of Accident.

Dr. Chynn has been a pioneer since the Lasik technique was invented at the Columbia Medical School and also when LASEK was invented at Harvard.

When I came, there were a lot of people coming from far including Chicago and Europe just to have the surgery with Dr. Chynn.

Dr. Chynn said: he can regain my sight into 20/20 for both eyes while Dr. Bonnani the only person who accepted me said: he can only regain my sight into 15/20 and 18/20. Dr. Bonnani said he was very sure that nobody can regain my sight into 20/20. But, Dr. Chynn said he could.

After comparing, I believe Dr. Chynn credentials is way above Dr. Bonnani. I wish I had met him earlier or gave it a chance last 2 years. I believe my sight would have been 20/20 by now.

Dr. Chynn could solve my problem, I am very optimistic he could solve your Eye problems also.

- Fernando Adventius

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