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He’s extremely precise and impeccable in his work!

I choose Dr. Emil Chynn because he is the most famous LASEK surgeon in the world. Through my correspondence with his practice ‘Park Avenue LASEK’, he reassured me by email he’s fixed hundreds of cases like mine & a case like mine would be even “routine” at Park Avenue LASEK. I flew all the way from Switzerland to NYC to have Dr. Chynn fix my eyes because no doctor in Switzerland nor the neighboring countries had any experience fixing someone with Rx -11.00, and after so many consultations there was no doctor in Swiss being able to remove then entire Rx since they all do Lasik (the old laser procedure). While Dr, Chynn was at Harvard, he invented LASEK (which is 10x safer than Lasik). Now, after my post-operational recovery period, I am seeing a perfect 6/6 = 1.0 = 20/20 vision.

When I arrived at Dr. Chynn’s practice, I had my pre-op, confirmed I was a good candidate, had my LASEK, and stayed for a week to have my 1-week postop, by which time I was already seeing BETTER THAN I EVER DID IN GLASSES AND CONTACTS. Dr. Chynn has graduated from the most famous schools in the world, and at the top of his class at these schools. He has high standards for his employees. He’s extremely precise and impeccable in his work for all the patients to have the perfect outcomes they deserve and he is always striving for the best results.

- Elle D.

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