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Mia M.

First, I was super sceptical. I did my research on this doctor and found out too much trash talking… but I don’t trust all people say , because we are all different, plus everybody has a right to think and say what he/she wants. So, I’ve called my mom, and we went for first consultation. Have to say, I had seen other doctors earlier, but wanted to have options and different opinions. Yeh, I had to wait… but since I saw already couple doctors and waited for them as well, I was prepared mentally and probably it did not bother me. I just knew it would be my last thing I was going to do that day. So, I book at 4. Dr. Chynn told me my prescription was too high (-9,5 both eyes plus a lazy eye), but he guaranteed to make my eyes perfect. I did not believe and went home to think, because other doctors offered 4 stages procedure , and here dr. Chynn said it could be done in one shot. I liked the price , it was twice cheaper than other clinics. Plus I spoke to people who did with him surgery and they told me that he could do miracles. So, I gave it a chance. Now I see 20/20.. driving without contacts or glasses .. loving it. Yeh horror of inconvenience of wearing those are gone forever. Frankly, I did not fall in love with Dr. Chynn ; he seemed to be strict and a bit too straight forward .. but I came to peace with that because all I wanted was to have perfectly seeing eyes; my uncle is a surgeon, and he is not a fun person …. so I don’t expect from people who do serious job run around and make me happy. My mom said that we were there not to make friends and enjoy the time taking to staff but get results. What I was looking for was a confidence of doctor in his own skills, knowledge, and guaranteed positive outcome. I hate smiling and cute doctors who resemble my fiends when sympathy me…. From doctors, I need “ this can be fixed and I give my word I will do it” , that’s is all. I am very happy I did a lasik surgery. My eyes healed quickly, I did though followed everything Dr Chynn told me to do after procedure … so, now I have zero complains. I send my fiends to their eyes and highly recommend anyone who is interested in having excellent eyesight.

- Mia Matzah

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