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Mirella M.

I don’t even know where to start. It goes without saying that Dr. Chynn is literally the most experienced eye surgeon in NYC- the center of the world. He helped invent LASEK and then invented his own procedure, LASIK, that gave people who couldn’t have incision surgeries the ability to see again. He’s a philanthropist, he goes out of his way to take care of people who may otherwise never have the ability to afford a surgery. He has an Instagram account for his dog and donates a dollar to the ASPCA for each new follower. But above all, and most importantly, Dr. Chynn is statistically the best equipped doctor to take care of your eyes. The proof is in the books. Our ability to see is invaluable – choosing Dr. Chynn is the best decision you can make for your vision and the future of your vision. Even though he’s first and foremost an eye surgeon, he’s made special appointments for me for recurring eye issues I’ve been experiencing, to explain why they’re happening and prescribe me the correct medication, which saves me a trip to some random walk in clinic. thank you for everything Emil ❤️

- Mirella Miville

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