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Saranya R.

My parents got me the best graduation gift ever, LASEK at Park Avenue LASEK. If only they had set me up much sooner, I would have thrown my glasses away a while ago.

My parents are both doctors and they decided to choose Dr Chynn over anyone else because of his reputation/background. My dad had the older LASIK procedure a few years back and he now wishes he had done Dr Chynn’s LASEK after my perfect results. LASIK gave my dad annoying night glares and weird halos that he’s always complaining about especially when driving at night so I was a little bit skeptical about going under the laser. But as a researcher who spends ALL their time reading tiny fonts and typing on the computer, I got sick of my glasses and needed to get rid of them before starting grad school. I don’t see why anyone would get LASIK anymore, my dad said, and set me up with LASEK instead (thanks dad). I can literally see better than I’ve ever seen before in my glasses, I hated wearing contacts because my eyes are especially sensitive.

I’d give my entire experience a 10/10, the results were much better than I thought possible.

- Saranya Ramadurai

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