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I had my laser eye surgery done at Park Avenue LASEK surgery around 2010 after having met Dr. Chynn at a Columbia University alumni event. I had previously thought about having it but did not do so because of fears that afterwards my eyes would be dry and need drops periodically for the rest of my life. I also had friends who had undergone LASIK explain that after several years they needed to either get corrective glasses or have the surgery redone to achieve optimum vision. He assured me that because he used an advanced laser and his improved LASEK procedure did not cut the nerves and ducts involved in the delivery of tears to the eyes as routinely done with regular LASIK, I would not experience any of these problems.

He further assured me that he had done thousands of this advanced LASEK laser surgery that he termed LASEK because there was no cutting of any area of the eye with a scalpel as required in traditional LASIK surgery. Thus based on my being very nearsighted at 20/200 and having so much difficulty with the bifocals that I was then using because I had blurred vision when trying to see items at a distance of greater than 20 feet or so, I felt reassured by him and went for my initial examination. I appreciated that Dr. Chynn had several other ophthalmologists on his staff who checked my eyes twice before I got the surgery to make all of the measurements and otherwise examine my eyes before the actual day of my surgery.

Dr. Chynn explained to me that since I was having trouble using bifocals, he would adjust my left eye as the dominant one for reading and the right eye as dominant for seeing items at a distance but they would still work together. After the surgery and a short 2 day recovery to allow my vision to become optimized and my eyes to heal, I returned once again to his office to have the bandages covering my eyes removed. I was truly overwhelmed by having close to 20/20 vision for both reading and distance viewing just as he had promised. Being over 60 years old at that time and due to astigmatism, this was as good as could be achieved. It took a few days for me to get used to my left eye being predominant for reading and my right eye for distance; however, because both of my eyes are involved in everything that I see, my brain soon digested everything as before when both eyes worked equally although not very well. Consequently I soon realized that Dr. Chynn’s results were nothing less than outstanding.

I appreciate that Park Ave. LASEK has stayed in touch with me and sees me regularly to check that my vision is as good as it was immediately after my surgery and to do a regular check-up for any sign of cataracts or glaucoma. Over eight years later, I still see nearly 20/20 and don’t have any problems with my vision. I feel certain that so long as I follow his advice and keep using sunglasses when outside that I will continue to have the same great results that I achieved immediately after having the surgery. THANK YOU DR. CHYNN AND YOUR STAFF!!! You all deserve 10 stars but Yelp limits me to 5, as its best rating. Having LASEK surgery done is a life changer in a marvelous way.

- Ira M.

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