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We couldn’t stop telling all our friends!

I met Dr. Chynn on the Tennis Court where he signed up to take lessons at my Tennis Academy. I told him that I just started to wear reading glasses about 2 weeks ago and I hated it because of having to constantly adjust my eyes to different distances. Plus glasses age you an extra 10 years- who wants that? It affected me when I would read on the computer and when I played tennis. I only proceeded with Dr. Chynn after he explained his incredible LASEK procedure did not involve any cutting into the eye, compared to the old harmful Lasik procedure which I’d never consider.

I was so happy with my results, my wife decided she was ready to get rid of her contacts that she wore for 15 years. We were expecting 20-20 vision, but are now shocked to have even better 20-15! We couldn’t stop telling all our friends and tennis students, and now with Dr. Chynn’s generous referral program, we’ve paid for both our procedures. So glad that I met Dr. Chynn, he’s changed our lives forever. I can’t imagine trusting something as precious as your eyes to anyone less than the best.

- Robert F.

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