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What to expect?

The first thing you must understand that nobody can tell you how exactly your personal experience or sight will be until you come in for a consultation.

That consultation is FREE, so coming in will be great, you will get your eyes checked out by an actual MD, not a technician or OD and you will get all the info you need to make an informed decision to correct your vision. You will also be informed about your options to get your vision corrected and get the possibility to test out your new vision with a PREVUE lens.

What is a PREVUE lens?

We can customize a lens for you to experience before your procedure what you will see like with our High-Definition option after the procedure. We make a detailed analysis of your eyes so you can experience what your vision will be like after the surgery.

How will your FREE consultation look?

When you get to the office you will be greeted by our front desk staff, they will take your information and then you will proceed to your consultation. During the consultation we will do two types tests: objectiveand subjective and you will talk to our staff, most of them had LASEK done so they can answer your questions from first hand experience as a patient and as a provider.

The objective part of the exam is done with sophisticated equipment we will:

Measure your corneal thickness
Use computerized tomography to map your corneal relief
Measure your eye pressure to make sure you don’t have glaucoma
Do an auto-refractometer scan to get an idea what your prescription is
Measure your pupil size in different light conditions
Wavefront analysis of your eyes to get the most detailed view of your eyes and get the data for the Hi-Def procedure if you chose to do that.

After the objective part of the exam we will measure your RX with lenses to see what you find subjectively good. Also we will take a look at the back part of your eye, your retina, to see if there are any indications that you might have a condition that would either make you unsuitable for surgery or have anything to worry about. That part will require us to dilatate your pupils and you will not be able to drive for 2 hours. That why its necessary to either get somebody to be your escort or organize transportation.

On the day of surgery

You will come in, well rested and relaxed, dress comfortable, sleep well the day before and try to be as relaxed as possible. We offer some relaxants to patients who want them, but don’t worry, it won’t hurt and Dr. Chynn has a perfect record so there is no worry, you will come out happy and seeing great!

The surgery itself is short, you will spend maybe 10 minutes in the OR, but the laser will work only for a minute or less! You will be on a very comfortable bed and dr. Chynn and your escort will be there for you all the time so you can just relax, there are people who are afraid that they will move their eye or something… but don’t worry first, the laser tracks your eye movement all the time, dr. Chynn will be looking to and can adjust the procedure if necessary, plus we have a great way for you to practice being a good patient! Here is the link to our laser simulator, try to look at the centre point for the duration of the simulation, it isn’t hard.

After the procedure is done dr. Chynn will come around you, help you get up, then you will open your eyes and see how your new eyes feel.

Now your vision will still be a bit blurry from the surgery but you will be able to see a lot better than before!

It will take a few weeks for your vision to be completely free of blurriness but you will be able start working by day 3 or day 5 depending on the type of surgery you chose LASEK or epiLASEK.

Also one more very important thing ,don’t expect the following: bait and switch tactics, pushing you into surgery, pressure from the staff and most importantly any complications with a flap. How can we promise ZERO flap complications? Easy, we won’t make you a flap! Dr. Chynn stopped doing LASIK with any form of flap in 2005 and now performs a safer and more modern type of surgery – LASEK, but not just any type of LASEK, he perfected a special protocol called SafeSight. If you want click here and find out more about SafeSight and how it compares to other types of surgery.

Key points about your expectations

To get the best possible result there must be a lot of cooperation between you, the patient and us. From day one you must ask anything you might want to know, but you will need to cooperate with us on instructions we will give you during the exam, the surgery and after the surgery, that is the guarantee that you will be happy with your result and our service.

We can’t tell you how much will it cost or what type of surgery will be right for you without us examining your eyes in our centre

The free consult is a great way to have an exam done by a real MD and also find out what type of surgery will be best for you

There are 3 parts to your exam, objective by special machines, subjective done by MDs, talking to our staff who had this surgery done themselves

The surgery will be painless and you will be able to see after it but a little bit blurry for a few weeks

You can go back to your day job just 3 or 5 days after the surgery

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No other laser vision correction surgeon in New York....

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But please be considerate. Dr. Chynn gets paid $1,000/hour as a consultant for expert networks & expert witness, so please limit yourself to your most pressing question or concern, as he’s doing this for free on a trial basis to help interested patients.

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No other laser vision correction surgeon in New York….

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